Sunday, August 15, 2010

September, the most Mexican month of the year.

September is upon us. As you may know (and you have better know, otherwise Mr. Estrada will visit you with a blowtorch and a lenght of chain!), this is the month in which we celebrate the beginning of our independence, the years-long struggle to separate our land from the Spanish crown, and the beginning of the century-long struggle to define who we were.

That is certainly a deep, awe-inspiring historical process; but, there is something that epitomizes it, that condenses it into one single visual cue:

An awesome mustache.

Don't belive me? Then see how these already awesome people are improved by facial hair!

So, how about you? How awesome would you look with a rightgeous 'stache?

Send us a photo wiht the subject "My awesome 'stache," and we will display them for all the world to see!

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